iPhone Wedding Video

It was a few days before Christmas, when I catched a plane to Madrid to visit an old friend of mine. We have had a great night with quite a lot of Mojitos. My friend told me he has been robbed three times in Madrid. And to me it was a terrible city from the beginning. Police all over. Sirens all night long... not the place I want to live! The next morning I was checking the airport-snow-status online while having a bad coffee. Things did not look good around that time. All morning flights to Frankfurt had been canceled due to snow. So I decided to go to the airport quite early. The queue was endless. And after waiting for hours in line the nice lufthansa lady told me "Your flight has been canceled". But I was lucky. It seemed like I can catch a different plane. One that was scheduled to take off one hour before my plane. I started running to the gate.

After security check I realized that I seem to have lost my iPhone on the way. I put down my little bag, double checked every corner by taking out everything of my pockets. Including my wallet. Finally I found my iPhone in my bag. Happy as I was, I directly wanted to celebrate it with a coke. With one ear I heard that the captain of the plane told the passengers that we will have to wait for 3-4 hours. Only then will we know whether we can take off or not.

At the bistro I picked up a coke. I wanted to pay for it, but I realized that I obviously had lost my wallet. This time the lost was real. No wallet meant: being stuck in Madrid with no money. No passport. No ID. No credit card. But I stayed calm - I really wonder why. I was walking up and down to check all places that I have been. But I did not find it. Then I came across an information counter. I thought: OK Konrad, leave a message there in case somebody finds it. And at the very moment there was standing a young lady at the counter. She has found a wallet. My wallet!!! I was completely blown away. We talked a bit. She was waiting for the same plane as myself. Her name was Ana an she was really afraid that the plane could not leave because she was going to Germany for her wedding. And in a reflex, I said: hey, I am a wedding videographer and photographer. Let me thank you by making some stills for you and your husband.

This was how it all started. In the end our plane did leave to Frankfurt. And two days later I went to Mannheim for the wedding of Ana and Frank. And I did what I wanted to do for some time: to shoot a wedding video only with an iPhone. Here is the result: