Wedding in the Philadelphia Acadamy of Fine Arts

Last month we filmed Kelseys and Daniels wedding in the amazing PAFA. This was a place to celebrate! Before we could enter the country we were asked for at least 1 hour why we came here and what we are doing with that helicopter in our backpack. And why this and that… Probably we were asked so much because my first sentence in the US to the nice officer with his two guns was „We have a shooting“ tomorrow. :-) Hearing me saying that word made me smile… but I guess it was not his kind of humor.

But finally we were allowed to enter and the next day we witnessed our first wedding in the US. And what an event it was.The film telling the story of Kelseys and Dannys Wedding will be ready next year. But I do not want to let Kelsey and her gang wait too long and throw out a little teaser. Enjoy!

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